About Us

Cybeta is an analyst-driven cybersecurity data science company that uses patent-pending technology to assess, predict, and prevent cybersecurity breaches. We serve clients that want to understand the totality of threats facing their enterprise, from phishing attacks to deliberate nation-state operations. Keeping your business from being the target of a cybersecurity breach is our mission because prevention is your best cybersecurity investment.

  • Analyst-driven insights and solutions

    Algorithms can’t do everything, and auto-generated reports don’t help remediate complex threats; therefore, Cybeta focuses on analyst-driven insights and solutions. You deserve humans, not robots.

  • US intelligence-trained experts

    US intelligence-trained experts have been consulting, conducting reconnaissance, and planning operations against targets for decades. We now apply those same targeting methods to help businesses prevent attacks.

  • Mitigate risk and maximize returns

    Cybeta operates and consults at the C-suite level, bringing both a strategic business overview and deep technical experience to solve complex cybersecurity needs.

  • Reverse engineers hackers’ method

    Cybeta built technology to reverse-engineering the processes that hackers use to surveil, select, and exploit the technologies to attack your business. We would know because that’s how we were trained.

  • Cyber data science

    Cybeta’s data science teams combine hundreds of disparate data sources to create a complete picture of a customer’s breach probability.

  • Patent-pending prediction technology

    Some might claim, but no one other than Cybeta has the patent-pending for predicting cybersecurity breaches.

Cybeta's Leadership

  • Mark Lopes – President

  • Michael Rossi – Chief Technology Officer