About Us

Keep your business from being the target of a cybersecurity breach. Prevention is your best cybersecurity investment.

Built by US Intelligence-Trained Experts

Cybeta® was built by US intelligence-trained experts. Our cadre gained their cybersecurity experience and skills from decades of experience at the DoD and U.S. National Intelligence communities. Cybeta® experts have been consulting, conducting reconnaissance, and planning operations against targets for decades. We are now applying those same targeting methods, in reverse, to proactively protect your business.

We leverage this cybersecurity experience to protect you from the hacker. We reverse engineer the methods used by hackers to target and exploit businesses to protect your company. All-day, every day.

By constantly analyzing the global threat activity of hackers, we have built tools to inform you not just where your cyber weaknesses are but which ones have the highest likelihood and impact if breached. By thinking like hackers, Cybeta® can tell you in real-time where the real threats are, so you can fix them before the hackers have chance to exploit them. 

We have the consulting experience to arm you with the right information and tools so you can make critical decisions and operational changes in real time.

Built by Reverse Engineering the Hackers' Methods

Cybeta® was designed and built by reverse engineering the actual processes that hackers use to surveil, select and exploit the technologies to attack your business. With Cybeta® as the top-layer of your company’s cybersecurity environment, you will have contextualized and actionable intelligence of the hacker’s plans built into your defense.

Cybeta® delivers the facts and intelligence you need to make pre-emptive strategic and operational decisions – giving over-the-event horizon visibility coupled with enhanced peripheral vision. Put simply, Cybeta® gives you better information.

It’s time to shed the shroud of mystery surrounding cybersecurity and realize this is just another vital and enduring function within your business.

Make cybersecurity decisions the way you make all other strategic decisions: know and quantify your threats, prioritize investments that meet your risk profile and optimize your organization.

Cybersecurity is just another ROI decision – don’t treat it as just an IT problem.

Cybeta® will give you the facts and intelligence you need to make the best ROI decisions in real-time.

Hacking is a Big Business

Today hacking is its own shadow economy and the hackers run it like a for-profit company. They have long-term plans, revenue targets and R&D budgets. They are highly-educated, highly-paid engineers working with cutting edge technology.

Unfortunately, it’s a business model that works.

To survive, you need to treat the hackers like you would a legitimate business competitor. Your plan needs to be developed at the C-suite level, with cyber threat management fully integrated into all your other technology investments and overall business strategy.

Mitigate Risk and Maximize Return

Cybeta® goes far beyond normal threat intelligence. We operate and consult at the C-suite level, bringing both a strategic business overview and deep technical experience. This enables you to not only manage your company’s cyber risk with our Threat Beta® solutions, but also to reap the long-term benefits of differentiating via optimal security investment decisions with our Threat Alpha® solutions.

By having Cybeta® integrated as the predictive edge in your cyber defense of assets, financial budgets and IT infrastructure, you can mitigate risk AND maximize return. It’s a win-win.