Threat Hunting and Intelligence

Stay Ahead of Ever-Changing Threats With Cybeta Overwatch®

What's The Value of Prevention?

The number and cost of breaches keep rising, averaging 12% over the past five years. Often the easiest fixes have the highest ROI, but companies don’t know what to prioritize. This results in out-of-control budgets. Without focus, every solution has equal weight but not equal costs.

The most popular solution is to invest in detection, but it’s exponentially costlier than prevention. The option often is to ignore the problem; unfortunately, 60% of small companies cite breaches as a leading cause of bankruptcy.

Cybeta Overwatch: Analyst-Driven Prevention

Continuous cyber threat hunting, monitoring, reporting, and real-time alerts provided by Cybeta Overwatch give you the warning needed to avoid a disaster. Instead of waiting for publications, white papers, and federal alerts about new and emerging threats, Cybeta Overwatch customers receive early warnings and tailored intelligence. Cybeta Overwatch allows security to be preemptive, efficient, and cost-effective.

Cybeta Overwatch is a force multiplier for your in-house cybersecurity capabilities

  • Dedicated Cyber Analyst

    A dedicated analyst can provide risk remediation support in a way that seamlessly integrates with your existing security processes and team.

  • Full Access to Threat Intel & More

    Receive full access to all threat intelligence tools, data, and analysis to help lower your breach risk.

  • Vulnerability Management Dashboard

    Near real-time analysis of threat intelligence on an interactive dashboard allows for the filtering, sorting, and examination of vulnerabilities to form better remediation plans.

  • Cutting-Edge Data Sources

    Proprietary scanning, collection, and analysis of relevant deep/dark web content, breachable technologies, and financially sensitive data.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

    Machine learning increased the predictive power of Cybeta's technology, which also increased the preventative power of those solutions.

  • Evolving Threats & Risks

    Accelerated identification of vulnerabilities, exploits, and tangential threats that could impact your enterprise over time.

Cyber ROI White Paper

Unlike most business expenses, Cybersecurity benefits are difficult to measure. The common assumption is to spend as much as you can, but that's wrong. To calculate return on investment (ROI), one needs an understanding of the pre and post-financial benefits of each cybersecurity investment. Cybeta's wrote this free white paper to show you how to calculate ROI:

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