Ransomware Cyber Attack Paralyzes Norwegian Cruise Liner Hurtigruten


Tromso-based Norwegian coastal transporting company Hurtigruten has become the latest Maritime cyber victim. The intrusion discovered on the evening of Sunday 13 December has affected the company’s systems and rendered its phones and social media inoperable.

In a statement issued to the Oslo Stock Exchange briefing them about the Hurtigruten cyber attack situation, the company’s spokesman Oeystein Knoph disclosed that “several key systems are currently down.”

What we know so far

We know for certain that this incident is indeed a ransomware attack because of a press statement made by the company’s head of IT, Ole-Marius Moe-Helgesen. We have also been made aware that Hurtigruten’s global IT infrastructure has been severely compromised.

There is no word about loss of data via encryption as is often the norm in ransomware cases. Teams are working hard to mitigate the damage as well as get a better overview of what’s really going on.

Who is responsible for the attack?

We don’t as yet know who is responsible for the Hurtigruten cyber attack. Hurtigruten has not revealed who is behind the attack and whether or not as a company they will be paying any ransom.

Worryingly, this is not the first time Maritime companies have had to face off with cyber-terrorists this year. Hardly four months ago, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) itself fell victim to a cyberattack on September 30th. Its official website was hacked and inaccessible for several hours.

Also, the world’s fourth-largest shipping broker CMA CGM was another unfortunate casualty of cybercrime in the first week of October. The company’s information systems suffered a sophisticated attack and were left compromised.

The growing need for more resolute Maritime cybersecurity solutions

The Hurtigruten cyber-attack sheds light on the growing importance for Maritime companies to take cybersecurity more seriously. Norway is taking the lead in this regard and will be opening the Norwegian Maritime Cyber Resilience Center (NORMA Cyber) in 2021.

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