Matthew Lyle Named as Director of Analytics & Model Development at Cybeta™

Liberty Advisor Group (Liberty), a premier management consulting firm that helps clients tackle their toughest business and IT challenges, has named Matthew Lyle as Director of Analytics and Model Development for Cybeta™. Launched in June 2019, Cybeta is a suite of intelligence products and services designed to help keep your business off the Cyber X.

Matt will help to design, develop, and validate predictive algorithms and models for cybersecurity breaches and their potential downside for companies.

Matt is currently an Associate Professor and Lawrence Revsine Research Fellow at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, where his work includes modeling and predicting stock and commodity return behavior.

“With a career spanning both the professional and academic worlds, Matt will be a great fit as we expand our Cybeta service to protect clients from cyber-attacks,” said Liberty Founding Partner and CEO Chad Smith. “His excellent credentials will be valuable in our efforts to predict, pre-empt and prevent future threats, and to alert clients to system vulnerabilities.”

“I am excited to be working with Cybeta’s cadre of US intelligence-trained experts, and to be a part of this great opportunity,” said Lyle. “I look forward to seeing cutting edge research and analytics being applied to business threat intelligence and to making a major impact in the cybersecurity battle.”

Matt has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta (Canada); a BSc and an MSc in Applied Mathematics, and a PhD in Finance/Mathematical Finance, from the University of Calgary; and a PhD in Management from the Rotman School at the University of Toronto. He also held positions at Direct Energy, formulating quantitative models for trading.


Founded in 2019, Cybeta™, a Liberty Advisor Group company, offers a suite of Cybersecurity products and services designed to help you keep your business off the Cyber ‘X’. Based on decades of detecting and thwarting the activities of even the most advanced attackers, Cybeta delivers the substantive intelligence you need to make preemptive strategic and operational decisions. Think in terms of over-the-horizon visibility coupled with enhanced peripheral vision.

Three core products are available from Cybeta:

Threat Βeta™: By mimicking an attacker’s reconnaissance and updating hundreds of data feeds in near-real time, Threat Beta provides a predictive cyber-attack barometer that allows you to be pre-emptive and enables attack prevention.

Threat Alpha™: Using a proprietary bottom-up methodology, Threat Alpha calculates the complete financial impact to your organization from a successful cyber-attack.

Cybeta Overwatch™: With continuous monitoring, analysis, and real-time alerting, Cybeta Overwatch gives you the advanced warning needed to avoid emerging cyber threats.