The Future of Connected Devices



Technology is now such a key part of our lives and will continue to be pivotal in years to come. As our online and offline lives begin to merge it is imperative that societies are conscientious about the impact of connected devices and the need to be responsible.

Careless personal online habits will transfer into our professional lives and potentially lead to exposing the companies we work for to outside dangers. And depending on where we work, employee negligence can even threaten national security. So, what does the future of connected devices look like and how best can we prepare ourselves for it?

Number of connected devices growing exponentially

In 2018, there were approximately 7 billion IoT devices. That number more than tripled the following year with a record of 26.66 billion devices in 2019. 2020 has proved that the number of devices connecting to the web is indeed on an exponential growth trajectory with more than 31 billion IoT devices having thus far been connected to the internet.

Technology that is set to revolutionize online experience

One of the biggest technological innovations in recent times has been fifth-generation wireless cellular technology also known informally as 5G. The major objective of 5G is increasing both the speed and the responsiveness of various wireless networks. This is good news as it will also allow for more data to be sent over wireless networks than ever before.

Such developments are welcome for businesses and consumers; however, they also significantly widen the attack surface for cybercriminals. It’s clear to see that the more we advance technologically and the more connected devices the greater the need to improve efforts that promote online safety.

What we can do to protect cyberspace

Individuals and organizations each have a role to play in helping to protect cyberspace. This begins by adopting stronger and more secure security protocols, raising awareness within communities, reaching out to educate vulnerable members of society such as children and the elderly, and ensuring employees are properly trained about the dangers of reckless digital behavior in the workplace. Because we all connect one device or another to the internet, we all have a responsibility to protect it. So let’s do our part and #BeCyberSmart.

#BeCyberSmart and invest in next-generation solutions

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