Data Science: The Secret Weapon to Innovating
Novel Cybersecurity Solutions



Computers and information technology are an integral part of our day-to-day lives. However, the exponential growth of these systems has seen an increase in cyber-attacks and cyber-crime.

According to Accenture’s latest report on cybercrime, there has been a 67% increase in security breaches since 2015 and a 72% escalation in the average cost of cybercrime in the last five years.

Previously, hackers preyed on major corporations and government institutions with the banking, software and automotive industries being some of the biggest casualties. Today – everyone is a target.

Fortunately, new cybersecurity measures are being rolled out thanks to data science. Cybersecurity experts have designed novel solutions that will help mitigate risk. These security mechanisms complement existing cyber-security architecture rather than completely eliminating it.

Emerging threats and how data science is helping to contain them

With billions of people now connected via different electronic means, cybercriminals have no shortage of targets. The advent of new technologies has heralded and exacerbated the cybersecurity challenge. 79% of business leaders worry that new technologies are being introduced and executed faster than they can be secured leaving millions of businesses and individuals vulnerable to cybercriminals.

What are some of the most harmful emerging threats? Criminals are modifying existing malware to exploit the weaknesses in nouveau technologies. The proliferation of social media platforms for example has been a cause of great concern for data scientists who are battling to keep up with botnets and the social engineering attacks that many social media users face.

Malware is very easy to spread on these platforms as evidenced by this study which showed how a considerable amount of malware was disseminated after unsuspecting users clicked for content on “trending” topics on Twitter.

Cloud computing is another avenue that poses a dire threat to businesses. Fortunately, there have been advancements made using information gleaned from data science to devise secure frameworks that are fully-integrated and trustworthy allowing businesses to carry out operations with mitigated risk.

With over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world, the need for continued proactive mobile security solutions has never been bigger. Smartphones collect an increasing amount of sensitive information through apps and other systems. How do cybercriminals attack smartphones? They mostly take advantage of vulnerabilities in mobile apps. Using information and feedback gathered from users, data scientists are working hard to curb attacks on mobile devices.

The role of data science in today’s cybersecurity landscape

Data science is at the heart of next-generation cybersecurity solutions. In fact, author and entrepreneur Ken Poirot highlighted that “The corporations that embrace data science will find their long-term, generational growth directly proportional to how effectively they incorporated data scientist teams into their strategic planning.”

What this demonstrates is the convoluted manner in which data science has fast become a standard in new cybersecurity measures. You cannot talk about tomorrow’s cybersecurity landscape without mentioning data science. Data science is the secret weapon that’s going to propel the fight to protect against criminal use of electronic data.

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