Why Is Data Science Critical For Cybersecurity?


The evolution of cyber-attacks has led to the development of new technologies and sciences to try and combat this scourge. Data science is among the more recent and most prolific resources that is being used to develop next-generation cybersecurity solutions. It is a tool that allows businesses to predict future threats by taking into consideration historical data and information gleaned from Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) such as Cybeta’s revolutionary Threat AlphaTM and Threat BetaTM programs. In order to fully appreciate just why data science is critical for cybersecurity let’s take a look at the following points.

1.  Data science is changing how cybersecurity teams detect threats

The relationship between cyber criminals and security professionals has been a complex one since the dawn of technology. With hackers constantly seeking new ways to infiltrate and take advantage of vulnerabilities in technology, security teams worked hard to perfect their detection systems. It appeared that security professionals were always one step behind cyber criminals.

Today, thanks to data science cybersecurity experts are able to adopt a more aggressive approach to detect intrusions. Using information extracted from data science, sophisticated cybersecurity solutions to predict future attacks have been devised based on historical and current information. In this way, businesses don’t have to wait to be attacked but can adopt measures that will greatly mitigate risk.

2.  Data science is helping to shed light on the operations of cyber criminals

Companies have been involved in data mining for many years now. However, the biggest challenge encountered by the collection of such information is the need to make sense of it all. This is where data science is stepping in to help. By studying trends and patterns in structured and unstructured data, cybersecurity specialists are able to identify loopholes before they can be exploited. So, by identifying these vulnerabilities, more secure solutions can be created.

Can data analysis really expose the operations of cyber criminals? Yes. In fact, it was analysis of malware used in the 2013 Bank of Bangladesh grand heist that helped solve several high profile cyber-attacks carried out in ensuing years including the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures. If not for data science, the group behind these cybercrimes could have continued to wreak havoc across the world.

3.  Data science is paving way for predictive security solutions

It’s not enough to simply have reactionary cybersecurity solutions. Cyber security experts are integrating behavioral analytics into online security systems in a bid to deter cyber-crimes. Traditional cybersecurity architecture such as firewalls and antiviruses have proved that there is a need for more cover and hence the inclusion of behavioral analytics in modern cybersecurity solutions.

In conventional security solutions once a hacker has your password and username or other sensitive information, they can use these to access your accounts and do great damage. Integration of behavioral analytics into modern security solutions make it harder for criminals to do maximum damage as they would not be able to mimic your behavior which becomes a trigger.  IT teams on the lookout for suspicious/unusual behaviour can then follow up and possibly prevent a potential attack.

Cybeta – Pioneers in next-generation cybersecurity solutions

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