Predictive Cybersecurity Breach Data

Prevent investment losses by predicting who's at the most risk of a breach

Calculate breach risk for each investment

Cybersecurity breaches are the biggest unmitigated risk factors for companies. Cyber threats impact the strongest companies and can cause extensive damage to brand value, customer relationships, and intellectual property. Many companies do not survive their first major data breach, but if cybersecurity risks are so bad, how can you protect your investments?

Cybeta®’s approach mimics a hacker’s perspective. We use data science and govt expertise to drive towards one objective: predict the next breach for any enterprise in the world. What do you get from this? Investors can use Cybeta®’s predictive breach data to calculate portfolio risk, and executives can use it to measure progress towards reducing their breach risk. Inquire below to find your breach probability.

Breach Prediction Data

As a special offer, Cybeta® provided a sample of historical breach prediction data for the largest 100 companies in the database. With 5+ years of statistically-proven data for over 20,000 public and private enterprises, Cybeta®'s patent-pending breach prediction algorithm is an essential tool for any asset managers to gauge their portfolio risk.

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Cybeta®’s alternative data subscriptions utilize cybersecurity data science to predict breaches

Cybeta® enables companies with vast asset holdings, large vendor networks, and complicated internal operations to see which parts of their portfolios are at the biggest risk of a cybersecurity breach. Using Cybeta®’s patent-pending cyber data science technology, a company can identify the probability of a breach, per asset, within a 6-month window. Even Cybersecurity companies are vulnerable to breaches. See FireEye’s breach prediction story.

Executives use Cybeta®’s predictive data breach knowledge to buy and sell equities, hedge potential risks, and redirect cybersecurity budgets. The key is to reduce the chance of a breach before one happens. Taken together, Cybeta®’s breach data subscriptions help to increase investment returns and company performance.

Cybeta helps investors to reduce the risk in their asset portfolios

  • Breach Predictions

    Cybeta®'s predictive data allows clients to see which assets and networks are at risk of a cybersecurity breach before it happens. Make investments with confidence.

  • Data Subscriptions

    Subscribe to a predictive breach data stream for any number of public, private, or government enterprises (worldwide) from once a month to near real-time.

  • Probability Estimates

    Get an easy-to-understand measure of risk that says an asset has XX% chance of being breached in the next 6 months. More informative than a letter grade.

  • Risk Benchmarks

    Benchmarks allow easy risk comparisons of assets against industry peers and composite indices.

  • Database Size

    Cybeta®'s database has over 20,000 companies and five years of historical breach prediction data available.

  • Data Format & Details

    Cybeta® can deliver data via CSV, excel, or APIs methods. That alternative dataset includes numerous helpful measurements of breach risk.