Pre-emptive Cyber Threat Protection for the Maritime Industry


Why do you need Maritime Cybersecurity? With over 50,000 commercial vessels crisscrossing the oceans and making 5 million port calls a year, the maritime industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Satellite communications are tempting targets for hackers, and infected port connections can bring entire fleet operations to a standstill. Maritime cybersecurity is the key to protecting your business and preventing losses at sea, but what about shore-side assets?

Ports are significant sources of cybersecurity risks because they are always connected to potentially-vulnerable networks. Low business margins and the lack of maritime cybersecurity investments mean that hackers have easy access to sensitive information that can strand your fleet.

June 27, 2017: NotPetya

The most devastating cyber-attack in history

Cost to fix: $300+ million. Cost to prevent? <1% of that total.

Sept. 25, 2018: Port of San Diego

Experienced a serious cyber attack

Port’s information systems disrupted. Stranded at sea.

July 24, 2018: COSCO

Operations hit by a cyber attack

Daily operations in the US disrupted for a week.

CyberHelmTM monitors the shadow economy and detects threats - early.

CyberHelmTM is dedicated to preventing cyber-attacks from damaging your maritime technologies and operating systems. Whether ship-side or shore-side, CyberHelm predicts attacks so you can prevent them.

CyberHelm’s predictive breach technology, called Threat Beta, offers immediate and customized mitigation measures to protect your fleet company against infections. Our non-invasive approach and consulting experience will increase your cybersecurity resilience without increasing your cybersecurity budget. CyberHelm’s end to end solution includes training and maturity assessment services provided by Hudson Cyber.


CyberHelm identifies vulnerabilities from a hacker’s point of view.

  • CyberHelm creates customized cybersecurity profiles for sea and shore assets.

  • Monitor and remediated cybersecurity issues across your fleet.

  • CyberHelm makes cybersecurity compliance easy with detailed reports on each vessel.

Stop cybersecurity breaches before they impact your fleet

  • Enterprise Scale

    Instead of a one-time review or spot check of a company’s vast network, CyberHelm provides a complete analysis of every asset no matter how large the company or geographic location in the world.

  • Prevention

    CyberHelm’s patent-pending technology is predictive of Cyber Attacks. If you can predict it, you can prevent an attack. See which assets are most vulnerable to breaches so you can plan accordingly.

  • Non-invasive

    The CyberHelm solution takes an attacker’s point of view. You don’t have to install hardware and enable security holes to get CyberHelm’s prevention benefits.

  • Actionable

    It’s not enough to know that an asset is vulnerable; one must know how to fix that vulnerability. CyberHelm provides solutions for each risk that’s easy to understand and implement.

  • Vessel, Ports, and More

    CyberHelm’s technology creates a complete picture of cybersecurity vulnerabilities from vessels and ports to platforms and vendors.

  • Security Experts

    A team of formal intelligence officers built this solution. They are on call to help answer questions and maintain the highest level of security for each client.

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