Pre-emptive Cyber Threat Protection for the Maritime Industry


Why do you need Maritime Cybersecurity? With over 50,000 commercial vessels crisscrossing the oceans and making 5 million port calls a year, the maritime industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Satellite communications are tempting targets for hackers, and infected port connections can bring entire fleet operations to a standstill. Maritime cybersecurity is the key to protecting your business and preventing losses at sea, but what about shore-side assets?

Ports are significant sources of cybersecurity risks because they are always connected to potentially-vulnerable networks. Low business margins and the lack of maritime cybersecurity investments mean that hackers have easy access to sensitive information that can strand your fleet.

June 27, 2017: NotPetya

The most devastating cyber-attack in history

Cost to fix: $300+ million. Cost to prevent? <1% of that total.

Sept. 25, 2018: Port of San Diego

Experienced a serious cyber attack

Port’s information systems disrupted. Stranded at sea.

July 24, 2018: COSCO

Operations hit by a cyber attack

Daily operations in the US disrupted for a week.

CyberHelm™ monitors the shadow economy and detects threats - early.

CyberHelm is dedicated to preventing cyber-attacks from damaging your maritime technologies and operating systems. Whether ship-side or shore-side, CyberHelm™ predicts attacks so you can prevent them.

CyberHelm’s™ predictive breach technology, called Threat Beta™, offers immediate and customized mitigation measures to protect your fleet company against infections. Our non-invasive approach and consulting experience will increase your cybersecurity resilience without increasing your cybersecurity budget. CyberHelm’s™ end to end solution includes training and maturity assessment services provided by Hudson Cyber.


CyberHelm identifies vulnerabilities from a hacker’s point of view.

  • CyberHelm creates customized cybersecurity profiles for sea and shore assets.

  • Monitor and remediated cybersecurity issues across your fleet.

  • CyberHelm makes cybersecurity compliance easy with detailed reports on each vessel.

Stop cybersecurity breaches before they impact your fleet

  • IMO Compliance

    Are you ready for the IMO 2021 maritime compliance requirements? Completing the CyberHelm process greatly lowers your cybersecurity risks but also makes compliance easy.

  • Prevention

    CyberHelm’s patent-pending technology is predictive of Cyber Attacks. If you can predict it, you can prevent an attack. See which assets are most vulnerable to breaches so you can plan accordingly.

  • Network Enumeration

    CyberHelm's enumeration solution quickly maps on-shore and off-shore technology to get a complete picture of the vulnerabilities and remediation solutions for a network.

  • Actionable

    It’s not enough to know that an asset is vulnerable; one must know how to fix that vulnerability. CyberHelm provides solutions for each risk that’s easy to understand and implement.

  • Vessel, Ports, and More

    CyberHelm’s technology creates a complete picture of cybersecurity vulnerabilities from vessels and ports to platforms and vendors.

  • Security Experts

    A team of formal intelligence officers built this solution. They are on call to help answer questions and maintain the highest level of security for each client.

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