Pre-emptive Cyber Threat Protection for the Maritime Industry


With 50,000 commercial vessels crisscrossing the oceans and making 5 million port calls a year, the maritime industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Satellite communications are tempting targets for hackers, and infected port connections can bring entire fleet operations to a standstill.

June 27, 2017: NotPetya

The most devastating cyber-attack in history

Cost to fix: $300+ million

September 25, 2018: Port of San Diego

Experienced a serious cyber attack

Port’s information systems disrupted.

July 24, 2018: COSCO

Operations hit by a cyber attack

Daily operations in the US disrupted for a week

CyberHelmTM monitors the shadow economy and detects threats - early.

CyberHelmTM is dedicated to preventing both deliberate and accidental cyber attacks from infecting and damaging maritime technologies and operating systems. Whether ship-side or shore-side, CyberHelmTM detects imminent system attacks before they hit, and offers immediate and customized mitigation measures to protect your fleet company against infections. Our non-invasive approach and consulting services will get you up and running in days so you can continue to manage your business.

CyberHelm identifies vulnerabilities in your systems from a hacker’s point of view.

  • CyberHelmTM matches specific threats to your vulnerabilities.

  • CyberHelmTM provides specific fixes to your systems to shut out hacks and malware.

  • CyberHelmTM continuously monitors mitigation compliance.

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