Cyber Insurance

Risks are Hypothetical. Threats are Real.

Cybersecurity Insurance

With a typical cyber-attack costing millions of dollars, plus damage to your brand, customer relationships, and intellectual capital, cyber insurance is more important now than ever before. Determining the right cyber insurance coverage requires quantifying risks, computing ROI, and measuring possible damage. Historically, the cyber insurance industry has had a difficult time quantifying risk, because historical data is patchy, tail risk is significant, and attack types change frequently. Mitigate risk and maximize return with Cybeta’s cyber insurance solution that calculates breach losses under different scenarios.

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Cybeta’s Cyber Insurance solution measures cyber risk and financial impact separately

The way to lower risk is to ensure what you can while mitigating the rest. Yet, how can you quantify cybersecurity risk?

Cybeta’s threat quantification takes a unique approach that measures cyber risk and financial impact separately, using a bottom-up technique. This method accounts for the minutiae of different levers that have a magnifying impact on a company’s damages. Leveraging Cybeta’s Threat Alpha solution and our deep consulting experience, not only can leadership see how much insurance they need to purchase, but they can also identify ways to reduce their risk over time.

Cybeta's Cybersecurity Insurance Assessment

Cybeta’s insurance assessment includes remediation recommendations, peer benchmarks, deep/dark web searches, historical risk charts, vulnerability severity breakdowns, nation-state attack vectors, and more. It’s more than a cyber insurance assessment; it’s the first step to lowering one’s cybersecurity risks.

Feel confident in your Cyber Insurance coverage with Cybeta

  • Insurance diagnosis

    Cybeta analysts identify where an organization has insurance gaps by attack type and likely damage area and can help negotiate better insurance terms.

  • ROI recommendations

    Better plan your cyber investments. Calculate an ROI and determine the financial impact of a cyber-attack with Threat Alpha®.

  • IP leak resolutions

    Just like water, IP can leak out of a company in a way that follows the path of least resistance. Plug the holes to stop the financial losses.

  • Historical comparisons

    Are your risk reduction efforts working? Threat Beta™ tracks historical movements to identify long-term trends.

  • Breach loss protection

    For select customers, Cybeta will cover breach losses during the remediation phase of a cybersecurity engagement.

  • Strategy planning tool

    CISOs don’t have unlimited budgets and CFOs can’t use traditional methods to justify cyber investments. Use Threat Beta™ to better target your investments.

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