Free Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Get a free cybersecurity risk rating report for your organization using Cybeta’s patent-pending breach prediction technology. Cybeta is an analyst-driven cybersecurity data science company that uses patent-pending technology to predict, assess, and prevent cybersecurity breaches. We serve clients that want to understand the totality of threats facing their enterprise, from phishing attacks to deliberate nation-state operations. Keeping your business from being the target of a cybersecurity breach is our mission because prevention is your best cybersecurity investment. The Cybeta snapshot report is a customized analysis of your company. The report indicates your level of breach risk in comparison to global benchmarks. You’ll see your current breach probability, trends over time, and a breakdown of important metrics.

How Can I Use This Report?

Cybeta wants to protect your public, private, or government institution from a cybersecurity breach. To do that, you need to see how you rank vs. peers because outliers become targets. Use this report to (1) avoid a cyber breach by mobilizing resources to reduce high risks; (2) assess your breach risk in comparison to peers; (3) see how many vulnerabilities hackers can use to target your company; (4) report the need for changes with a 3rd party assessment.

How can I get an Assessment?

Use your work email to send us a message here: Please include your first name, last name, phone number, company name, and job title. We’ll do a quick calculation and return with your company’s specific breach statistics. It’s that easy!