Cybeta: Assess Risks,
Address Vulnerabilities,
Reduce Breach Likelihood

A data science-driven, human-enhanced cyber threat intelligence
solution designed specifically to prevent cybersecurity breaches.


Cybeta’s technology combines to create compelling solutions that are predictive of breach risks/likelihood, can assess
cybersecurity threats, and help to prevent breaches:

What’s Your Cybersecurity Objective?

Companies want to prevent cybersecurity breaches, but the number and cost of breaches keep rising. If existing tools aren’t working, it’s time to try something new. Cybeta offers free trials of their most effective solutions for a limited time. Submit your information to get a free cybersecurity threat assessment:

Assess Company Risk

With proprietary technology and decades of experience, Cybeta’s patent-pending technology quantifies breach risks.

Address Critical Vulnerabilities

Combining breach prediction with loss estimates yields a service that gives subscribers a starting point for lowering their cyber risks.

Reduce Breach Likelihood

Continuous analyst-driven threat hunting, analysis, and reporting of cybersecurity issues prevent cyberattacks.

    Feature Summary

    Cybeta's Product Suite FeaturesData to Assess Company RisksReports to Address VulnerabilitiesHuman Intelligence To Reduce Breach LikelihoodFree Threat Assessment
    What's Your Objective?Is my investment, supply chain, or company at risk of a cybersecurity breach?Where are my cybersecurity issues and how do I compare to others?How can I lower my cybersecurity risk to prevent a breach?Understand my company's breach likelihood.
    Typical Delivery Method
    Cybeta is flexible to your operating needs. Just ask us.
    CSV/APIPDF ReportSecure PortalVerbal
    Cybersecurity Summary And Benchmarks
    See how your risk tracks over time and how you compare to peers and the market.
    Total Financial Impact Assessment
    See the full financial impact of breach on your company. Typically used to estimate cyber insurance needs.
    3rd Party Risk Analysis
    See which vendors have the highest cybersecurity risks so you can pre-emptively isolate that risk to prevent a breach
    Prioritized List Of
    Getting a long list of vulnerabilities isn't helpful. Only when those vulnerabilities are prioritized by impact on your organization do they become relevant.
    Remediation Suggestions: Vulnerable Technologies
    Your choice of technology versions impacts breach risk. We help you find the most secure version of your technologies using Cybeta's proprietary Bayesian theory analysis.
    Deep/Dark Web Intelligence
    Human threat hunters survey the deep/dark web for intelligence that could directly impact your company.
    Emerging Supply
    Chain Threats
    More than intelligence, breach prevention means getting timely and relevant supply chain alerts with enough time to take action.
    Cybeta's INTELink
    User-friendly dashboard that allows you to manage company-specific reports.

    Cybeta's Technology Combines To Create Compelling Solutions That
    Are Predictive Of Breach Likelihood, Can Assess Cybersecurity Threats, And Help
    To Prevent Breaches.


    Subscribe to receive cybersecurity breach prediction data on up to 27,000 public or private
    companies from secure platforms

    • See which portfolio investments have the highest breach likelihood and how that risk is trending over
    • Use as part of a due diligence effort before investing in a company with a high chance of a breach
    • Examine the impact on debt investments by examining the probability and magnitude of potential
      breach losses
    • Pre-empt breaches by investing in high ROI cybersecurity projects to lower overall cyber
    • With up to five years of historical data, chart how past investment impacted cybersecurity breach risk
    • Results: Threat Beta, our breach forecasting tool, should be a standard measure of risk like the stock
      beta is for volatility.


    This report measures the potential financial damage resulting from a breach

    • Cybersecurity Summary And Benchmarks
      Customizable summary pages display the most critical risk and financial metrics in one place.
    • Financial Impact Threat Assessment
      For insurance purposes or ROI calculations, a company needs to know the potential
      financial impact of a breach.
    • Prioritized List of Vulnerabilities
      Vulnerabilities lead to exploits, which lead to breaches. Eliminating risks at their source
      can have the most cost-effective impact on overall cybersecurity risk.
    • Analyst Recommendations
      See what remediation efforts Cybeta’s analysts recommend for your company.
    • Deep/Dark List of Critical Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
      See what information on the dark and deep web needs your attention. Apply fixes and eliminate future breaches


    Each analyst-created intelligence report provides a comprehensive understanding of the risks and remediation recommendations for major vulnerabilities that a threat action can use to breach your enterprise.

    • Prioritization Statistics
      See essential stats to help prioritizes remediation work: threat category, criticality, expected effort,
      and return on investment.
    • Executive Summary
      Get the important information about the report before diving in. Easily share with less technical teams vs.
      having them study complicated cybersecurity details.
    • Background/Origin Of The Vulnerability
      Understand where the threat came from how it might impact your business.
    • Analyst Recommendation
      Cybeta Overwatch takes a threat actor’s perspective to produce analyst recommends to prevent breaches from
      over-the-horizon threats, nation-states, and lower-level criminals.
    • Threat Hunting Scope
      Cyber analysts monitor a company’s security profile, scan the deep and dark web for new vulnerabilities,
      nation state activity, and examine vendor risks for potential business threats


    Cybeta’s threat hunting approach is more comprehensive than automated widgets because it includes vulnerabilities only accessible by humans and excludes false positive errors. Human expertise matters.


    Cybeta’s threat hunting approach is more comprehensive than automated widgets because it includes
    vulnerabilities only accessible by humans and excludes false positive errors that distract CISOs. Human expertise matters.


    For the security of our clients, we do not provide their names or organization in writing. However, we have the following references who have agreed to make themselves available. If interested, they will contact you directly to answer any questions:

    US-Based Financial Services Firm ($7B) – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
    US-Based Financial Services Firm ($15B) – Director, Threat Intelligence
    Global Industrial Manufacturer ($8B) – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
    US-Based Manufacturer ($4B) – Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    US-Based Pharma Company ($1B) – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
    US-Based Private Equity Firm (~$1B AUM) – Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
    US-Based Private Equity Firm (~$10B AUM) – Director, Finance
    US-Based Private Equity Firm [Proposed] (~$50B AUM) – Director, Portfolio Security

    FireEye Case Study

    FireEye is one of the largest cybersecurity firms in the world. They are known for their research around state-sponsored hacking threats, including their incident response services, which help protect enterprise and government agencies. Potentially, a state-sponsored group of hackers from Russia breached FireEye.

    Netflix Case Study

    In January and November of 2017, Netflix was the subject of two major phishing campaigns. After the second attack, Netflix invested in better cybersecurity. Until that point, Netflix had a threat better that was considered a very high risk of a breach. Currently, Netflix has an average risk.

    Equifax Case Study

    Equifax had a major data breach that led to vast proprietary personal data loss. During the aftermath of the significant Equifax data breach, they were the targets of other attacks. One successful attempt was a spoofing attack that mimicked Equifax’s website for people seeking information on the breach.