Predict and Prevent Cyber Attacks

Mimicking an Attacker’s Reconnaissance

How does a hacker see your organization?  Where are your vulnerabilities?  What makes them select their final targets?  The only way to protect your organization is to understand how potential attackers think. By mimicking an attacker’s reconnaissance and updating hundreds of data feeds in near-real time, Threat BetaTM is a predictive cyber threat barometer that allows companies to pre-emptively and dynamically protect themselves.

Out-think your Predators

Built by experts from various U.S. National Intelligence communities and designed to mimic the best cyber adversaries, our Threat BetaTM solution and consulting experience provides critical insights into your organization’s cyber posture at present, over time, and into the future. It answers the questions:

  1. How do I compare to other companies?
  2. How likely am I to be attacked?
  3. How much will an attack cost?

With proprietary technology and decades of offensive cyber operative experience, our software solution quantifies network risks, identifies vulnerabilities and predicts attack probability related to your network and brand.


  • Actionable insights that enable C-Suites to systematically prioritize their cyber improvements

  • Hundreds of cutting-edge data feeds inform Threat Beta’s robust threat intelligence barometer

  • Real-time updates

  • Comparative Analysis / Benchmarking – The relative calculation can be against any subset of data such as industry peers, Fortune 1000, geographic peers or any other relevant metric

  • Intelligent Metric – Like stock beta, Threat Beta is normalized on a scale of 0-2