Pre-empt Cybersecurity Breaches Using Cyber Threat Hunting Backed by Data Science

Cyber Threats Change Constantly

Cybersecurity threats continue to increase – to date more than a billion people have been affected. On average, an organization encounters 130 security breaches a year. How can you predict, prevent, and pre-empt the next cyberattack?

Cyber attacks don’t appear from anywhere; they slowly materialize from reconnaissance through the cyber-attack lifecycle. An attacker looks for vectors into targets from vulnerabilities in unpatched software, on abandoned networks, or elsewhere by studying giant swaths of enterprise digital footprints.

Keep your organization safe by adding a predictive edge layer of defense. Continuous cyber threat hunting, monitoring, reporting, and real-time alerts provided by Cybeta® Overwatch give you the warning needed to avoid a disaster.

Real-Time Threat Avoidance

Cybeta Overwatch® continuously monitors the surface, deep/dark web, analyzes millions of micro trends in cyber activity, and uses sophisticated benchmarking techniques to alert you to vulnerabilities in your systems before hackers can exploit them. Cybeta Overwatch® built a cyber data science team to predict the likelihood of a future breach. Leverage Cybeta®’s patent-pending Threat Beta® predictive technology, we created the following to prevent breaches at your enterprise:

  1. Real-time intelligence of emerging external threats
  2. Analysis of the ever-changing global threat landscape
  3. Identification of your vulnerabilities, exploits and tangential threats

Cybeta Overwatch® delivers actionable insights to corporate security teams. Instead of waiting for publications, white papers, and federal alerts about new and emerging threats, Cybeta Overwatch® customers receive early warnings and tailored intelligence. Cybeta Overwatch® allows security to be preemptive, efficient, and cost-effective. Cybeta Overwatch® is not just a real-time threat assessment tool; it’s a real-time threat avoidance strategy.


  • Real-time analysis of emerging internal and external threat intelligence

  • Accelerated identification of your vulnerabilities, exploits and tangential threats

  • Detailed report summaries that highlights current activities and next steps

  • AI-enhanced responses that identify patterns and risks that identify patterns and risks

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing security processes and technologies.

  • Proprietary scanning, collection, and analysis of relevant deep and dark web content.

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