Pre-empt Cybersecurity Breaches Using Cyber Threat Hunting Backed by Data Science

How Can You Anticipate A Breach?

Cybersecurity threats continue to increase – to date more than a billion people have been affected. On average, an organization encounters 130 security breaches a year. How can you predict, prevent, and pre-empt the next cyberattack?

Cyber attacks don’t appear from anywhere; they slowly materialize from reconnaissance through the cyber-attack lifecycle. An attacker looks for vectors into targets from vulnerabilities in unpatched software, on abandoned networks, or elsewhere by studying giant swaths of enterprise digital footprints.

Cybeta’s mission is to prevent cybersecurity breaches but to do so, one must mimic the reconnaissance approach adopted by hackers to breach companies. Automating and scaling that approach lead to the creation of the Threat Collection Engine, Cybeta’s proprietary algorithm for the collection and analysis of hundreds of data sources.

Real-Time Breach Avoidance

US intelligence-trained experts built the Threat Collection Engine. Cybeta’s cadre gained their cybersecurity experience and skills from decades of experience at the DoD and U.S. National Intelligence communities. The Threat Collection Engine automates those same manual targeting methods, in reverse, to proactively protect your business.

The Threat Collection Engine continuously gathers threat data on the surface, deep/dark web, analyzes millions of micro trends in cyber activity, and uses sophisticated benchmarking techniques to analyze vulnerabilities found at any enterprise in the world:

  1. Real-time intelligence of emerging external threats
  2. Analysis of the ever-changing global threat landscape
  3. Global reach into any enterprise, worldwide


  • Real-time analysis of emerging threats from hundreds of data sources

  • Accelerated discovery of vulnerabilities, exploits, and tangential threats

  • AI-enhanced responses that identify sophisticated patterns and threats

  • Historical data allows for testing and enhancements to Cybeta’s predictive breach technology

  • Worldwide reach enables the analysis of any enterprise with a website