Cybeta's Technology and Cyber Analytics

Defend and Protect your Company From Cybersecurity Breaches

Cybeta was designed and built by reverse-engineering the actual processes that hackers use to exploit technology vulnerabilities to threaten companies. With Cybeta as the predictive edge of your company’s cybersecurity ecosystem, you will have the hackers’ mentality built into your defense. Use Cybeta to identify, prioritize, and mitigate cyber threats before impact.

Risks are hypothetical. Threats are PROVEN.

Threat Risk Quantification

By mimicking an attacker’s reconnaissance and analyzing hundreds of data feeds with our cybersecurity data science technology. Threat Beta provides a predictive cyber-attack barometer that allows you to prevent breaches.

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Breach Cost Calculation

Using a proprietary bottom-up method, Threat Alpha captures the complete financial impact on your organization in the case of a cyber-attack breach. Cybeta uses that info to calculate the return on your cybersecurity solutions and technology investments.

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Real-Time Threat Analysis

With continuous threat hunting, monitoring, reporting, and alerting, the Threat Collection Engine (TCE) gives you the warning needed to avoid emerging cybersecurity threats. Breach avoidance is significantly less costly than breach responses.

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