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Defend and Protect your Cybersecurity Environment

Cybeta™ is designed and built by reverse engineering the actual processes that hackers use to exploit technology vulnerabilities and threaten your business. With Cybeta as the predictive edge of your company’s cybersecurity environment management, you will have the hackers’ mentality built into your defense. Use Cybeta to identify, prioritize, and mitigate cyber threats prior to impact.

Risks are hypothetical. Threats are PROVEN.

Threat Scorecard

By mimicking an attacker’s reconnaissance and updating hundreds of data feeds in near-real time, Threat Beta provides a predictive cyber attack barometer that allows you to be pre-emptive and enables attack prevention.

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Threat Qualification

Using a proprietary bottom-up method, Threat Alpha captures the complete financial impact to your organization in the case of a cyber attack.

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Secure Vendor Program

With continuous monitoring, analysis, and real-time alerts, Cybeta Overwatch gives you the warning needed to avoid emerging cyber threats.

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