Business Outcome

Utilizing Threat Beta, a patent-pending cyber prediction barometer, Cybeta analyzed the company’s security landscape across five portfolio companies.  With a combination of evaluating technical and administrative controls, onsite visits, data room analysis, and external threat collection, Cybeta identified the company’s gaps across the portfolio and outlined recommended next steps to strategically invest resources in security.

1. Identified areas in which security tools were not adequately leveraged or where they were redundant.

2. Discovered numerous vulnerable technologies – outdated web servers, unencrypted portals, or compromised credentials.

3. Confirmed an increase in dark web chatter about the company as a result of previous successful incidents.

4. Developed a plan for leadership to approach short and long term threats in a strategic and proactive manner.

Risk Assessment

Subject matter experts with technical expertise and business know-how empowered the C-level suite to better understand the company’s security risk profile. Cybeta’s proprietary and predictive Threat Beta analysis armed executives for conversations about preemptively mitigating or accepting cyber risk.