Top Layer Cyber Defense - Built from Decades of Experience


Predict attacks with hackers’ thinking built into your intelligence driven defense. Cybeta constantly monitors the surface, deep and dark web and analyzes millions of microtrends, identifying your greatest threats before an attack.


Pre-empt attacks before they even start. Cybeta’s comprehensive and actionable intelligence identifies, prioritizes, and mitigates your cyber threats prior to impact to help you manage your business.


The power to mitigate risk and maximize return. With Cybeta’s edge layer cyber defense, protect your assets, financial budgets, IT infrastructure and manage your business.

Outpace the competition with actionable intelligence

Threat Beta

With proprietary technology and decades of experience, Threat Beta quantifies risks and predicts attack probability.

  • Actionable insights that enable C-suites to systematically prioritize their cyber improvements

  • Robust threat intelligence barometer with hundreds of cutting-edge data feeds

  • Real-time updates

  • Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking

  • More than a score: actionable intelligence for your business and vendors

Threat Alpha

Threat Alpha gives you the facts and intelligence you need to make the best cybersecurity ROI decisions in real-time.

  • ROI calculations that outline the benefits to cybersecurity spending

  • Automated road-mapping of cyber spending to eliminate investment guessing

  • Actionable insights to truly understand the ROI of prevention

  • Cyber Insurance analysis for Risk Managers, CFOs and business owners

  • Industry and competitive benchmarking


With Cybeta Overwatch, you avoid emerging cyber threats through continuous monitoring, analysis, and real-time alerts.

  • Real-time analysis of emerging external threat intelligence

  • Accelerated identification of your vulnerabilities, exploits and tangential threats

  • Detailed report summaries that highlight current activities and next steps

  • AI-enhanced responses that identify patterns and risks

  • Proprietary scanning, collection, and analysis of relevant deep and dark web content

For years we relied entirely on border defense to protect against cyber-attacks. Using Cybeta Overwatch has allowed us to focus our resources and be aware and prepared for cyber threats months in advance. Our security and efficiency have grown by leaps and bounds.

CIO, $5-10B revenue industrial manufacturer

The expertise and experience of Cybeta’s security team isn’t just a sales gimmick. Their past work across various intelligence community agencies has translated into a smart, tenacious and forward-thinking security team that we employ in our most challenging cyber environments.

SVP, Customer Systems, $5-10B revenue consumer goods manufacturer

Our customers were hungry for something more than a seemingly random “score” to quantify their cyber threats and exposure. Partnering with G2S Global, we have brought our customers an innovative, mathematical tool that is proven, contextual and interactive. Our customers immediately took to the analysis and trust it as an integral tool in their risk management decision-making.”

Executive Vice President, McGriff, Seibles & Williams, Inc.

Keep your Business, Data and IP off the Cyber X. Cybeta awareness helps you keep moving. Stay safe.