Cybersecurity Technology - Built From Decades of Experience

Threat Beta

Threat Beta (Tb) is a proprietary analytical measure that informs a company’s future breach likelihood. By analyzing a company’s digital footprint and detected vulnerabilities, Tb provides a reliable forecast of breach likelihood down to the Technology-level. Combined with Cybeta’s other metrics and applied human-analysis, Tb enables the enterprise to be proactive rather than reactive.

Threat Alpha

Effective insurance against breach losses is dependent on accurate breach loss assessment. Threat Alpha is a proprietary method incorporating Threat Beta to calculate the financial impact of different types of cyber events Threat Alpha yields the financial measurements you need to optimize cybersecurity ROI decisions.

Threat Collection Engine

Hackers only have to get it right once whereas you have to get it right 100% of the time. To help even the odds, Cybeta’s Threat Collection Engine helps identify, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities before exploitation leads to a costly breach.

Cybeta combines proven proprietary technologies and human threat intelligence analysis to help prevent breaches.

Threat Hunting and Intelligence

Continuous analyst-driven threat hunting, analysis, and reporting helps prevent targeting of your enterprise and thwarts cyber attacks.

  • Dedicated analyst to provide risk remediation support and answer all your questions

  • Full access to threat intelligence tools and data to lower your breach risk

  • Interactive dashboard to filter, sort, and examine vulnerabilities to form better remediation plans

  • Robust threat hunting intelligence tools with hundreds of cutting-edge data sources

  • AI-enhanced vulnerability identification of cyber risk patterns and threats

  • Real-time threat intelligence updates and alerts to avoid new and evolving breach risks

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Reports

Combining breach likelihood prediction with loss estimates yields a service that gives subscribers a starting point for lowering their cyber risks.

  • Analyst recommendations help teams succeed with customized advice

  • Comprehensive cyber insurance assessments for Risk Managers, CFOs, and business owners

  • Detailed executive reports enable leadership to understand and plan for lower cybersecurity risks

  • ROI-ranked suggestions prioritize the most important cybersecurity investments

  • Analyst-created road-maps eliminate cybersecurity investment guesswork

  • Deep/dark web and nation-state intelligence reports alert subscribers to critical areas to improve

Cybersecurity Data

With proprietary technology and decades of experience, Cybeta quantifies cybersecurity risks to help you assess companies and supply chains.

  • Breach analysis for over 200,000 companies means you always know who’s at risk of a breach

  • The power to assess any public, private, and municipal enterprise, worldwide

  • Easy benchmarking across business units, vendors, industries, and geographies

  • Customized data packages (e.g., S&P500) match your assessment needs

  • Over 5 years of historical data is available for research and testing

  • A familiar rating system mimics investors stock beta’s for assessing risk

For years we relied entirely on border defense to protect against cyber-attacks. Using Cybeta Overwatch® has allowed us to focus our resources and be aware and prepared for cyber threats months in advance. Our security and efficiency have grown by leaps and bounds.

CIO, $5-10B revenue industrial manufacturer

The expertise and experience of Cybeta’s security team aren’t just a sales gimmick. Their past work across various intelligence community agencies has translated into a smart, tenacious, and forward-thinking security team that we employ in our most challenging cyber environments.

SVP, Customer Systems, $5-10B revenue consumer goods manufacturer

Our customers were hungry for something more than a seemingly random “score” to quantify their cyber threats and exposure. Partnering with [Cybeta], we have brought our customers an innovative, mathematical tool that is proven, contextual and interactive. Our customers immediately took to the analysis and trust it as an integral tool in their risk management decision-making.”

Executive Vice President, McGriff, Seibles & Williams, Inc.